Dear reader, I am apologising in advance. My command of this language is adequate at most, style overburdened, composition questionable and knowledge of subject matters, whichever they may be, superficial at best; if that were not enough, I tend to drone on and on with endless sentences that stray off the topic far enough to forget what in the name of sweet baby rays was I even talking about. One of the reasons for this monstrous and essentially hollow self-deprecating paragraph consisting of two sentences one of which is 69 (nice!) words long is that, as long as I'm being honest, I kind of lost the passion for technology right now, as it's a rational endeavor of politely bashing the kafirs' head in trying to prove that bash is as good as php and java and .net and whatever flavour of javascript is in fashion this week.

That, combined with general perceived shittyness of life, pretty tense half of a year behind me and who knows how much ahead (both in my professional and personal life), means that writing about How everything is a state machine or Wouldn't it be nice if we could tell what a void pointer is pointing to when we're talking about the voids of a soul or something that didn't really go beyond the title Oh no, cringe~ is next to impossible. Writing. I bet you forgot the verb in that hot mess of a sentence. See, that's my shitty style and composition, and I'm keeping it because we're here on this earth to suffer and I want you to suffer with me.

Fuck, that was a paragraph. I'm glad I deleted the tangent I was writing about my other flaws - that'd made it even more pointless than it already is. But, see, for me writing is a process I have to get into, so please bear with me for a very short while until I get into whatever tidbit I really want to say.

Anyway, I've been watching a lot of movies, both prior to my almost twelve-year stint of being a family man with gender-traditonal responsibilities and few gender-traditional benefits, and after the beginning of the current cataclysm I'm trying to push through. Surprisingly enough, at least some of the media I consume, when I try to consume it in a active-perceptive state, gives things for me to consider, and when I'm done considering them my head is not unlike a septic tank and these thoughts need to be taken out and dumped somewhere or otherwise put outside of the container.

It's also good that people rarely get emotional about popular media.


So, finally, the fucking point. I'll be talking about medias for a while now. So far my backlog is:

  • First-year psychology students' look at Chainsaw Man season one;
  • An ode to Benson and Moorhead consisting of The Endless, Something In The Dirt, Spring, Synchronic and possibly Resolution
  • An overview of European movies that take themselves seriously: Another Round, The Hunt, Man Without The Past
  • An overview of Japanese movies that don't: One Shot of The Dead, and I'm sure something else will pop up.
  • A glimpse into redpill fantasies: Faling Down and The Changed
  • A glimpse into bluepill fantasies: Get Out, Sorry To Bother You, Us
  • Fuck me sideways: a review of select Cronenberg movies (The Naked Lunch, Videodrome & possibly ExistenZ)
  • Various tidbit-sized reviews of more trivial media.
  • Some rage pieces about seriously bad movies (e.g. almost anything Spielberg directed)

So that's the plan. Wish me luck, remember to like and subscribe and give me your money on whatever crowdfunding platform is chic at the moment. See you soon.