So I've been watching movies. Mostly good ones. Some bad ones. Let's see what we've got.

I'm Totally Fine (2022) - 1/5
Any movie that uses Papa Roaches' "Last Resort" unironically should be taken behind the sauna, jumalauta.

Spring (2014) - 7/5
It's Benson & Moorhead, what did you expect. Literally an answer for the times when your significant other asks the question "would you still love me if I was a worm?". Bought a blu-ray just in case that ever happens.

A Minor Premise (2020) - 4/5
Actually not that bad even if a bit predictable and cliche'd. I remember being unimpressed, but I have seen much worse movies later on.

The Cold Blue (2018) - x/x
A must-watch for WW2 aircraft mission enthusiast. I am not one, but I definitely see the appeal of this movies' beautifully restored historical footage.

Avatar - The Way Of The Water (2022) - 0/5
If I pirated this movie for free, I'd still want my money back. What a tremendous waste of time.

Resolution (2013) - 5/5
After seeing Something In The Dirt (2022) and The Endless (2017) I was very anxious that this could be disappointing or otherwise change my opinion of Justin and Aaron, but it didn't. It's good in a different way these two were and (for better or worse) better than Synchronic (2019).

Living (2022) - 3/5
The short-lived Minister of Magic from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (whenever that was released) is an aging bureaucrat who on the edge of death starts platonically chasing young tail and builds a children's playground sometime soon after WW2, for his young indirect apprentice to share a tear-jerking emotional moment with a pure-hearted constable on a dark winters' night. Subtle. Did Spielberg do this?

Sisu (2023) - 4/5
A very bad-ass gold prospector spends the majority of time killing literal dirty nazis with absolutely zero subtlety. Linear, predictable, full of cliches and ultimately enjoyable.

Guy Ritchie's The Covenant (2023) - 4/5
Another kind of a buddy movie that has more than enough pathos to leave you inspired and just enough grit to keep you on the edge of the seat up until the end that ultimately does let you down even if you know you wouldn't have it any other way.

Leave No Trace (2018) - 3.5/5
Papa was a rolling stone, and so was I; It is a good drama showcasing the whole spectrum of lonerism to community to society and how we fit differently on that octave.

Dungeons And Dragons (2023) - 5/5
A movie that fits its' niche so well and is so lovingly aware of itself and the niche that it's difficut to feel anything else than adoration towards it.

Polite Society (2023) - 2.5/5
Is it self-aware? Is it autoparodic? Unlike Everything Everywere All At Once (2023) it's not entirely sure it should embrace its' own shortcomings leaving you in a weird place.

Angry Black Girl And Her Monster (2023) / The Blackening (2023)
You should go watch something Jordan Peele filmed instead, in my opinion.

Barbarian (2022) - 3.7/5
Deliciously grotesque and repulsive, the storytelling managed to surprise me a few times.

Prisoners (2013) - 5/5
Oh, yes. Yes, please.